From Baker Early College to the Netherlands

Jessica Wolfe, Graduated Baker Early College Student

Baker Early College was an essential step into my current path of life. Having the freedom to study at the local community college gave me the ability to pursue what was interesting and life-giving to me personally. It was also a better exercise in adulthood; without the typical schedule of "all-day every-day" of high school. No such thing as bathroom passes.

I was also able to work and do an internship alongside my studies. Further, COCC was a fantastic campus with enthusiastic teachers which really sparked my love for learning. I was also able to do research and science classes which I wouldn¹t be able to pursue at my high school, and also received excellent, free tutoring in math. It was while at COCC that I first began to think that I was actually, naturally, intelligent. Not that I had ever thought I was particularly dumb, but because my local high school just wasn¹t the learning environment I flourished in.

These days, as I study at an academie of Fine Art and Design in the Netherlands, I use my experience with Baker Early College every day. Baker College was essential in my developing an independent and self-motivated learning style. In this way, I¹m able to advocate for myself and be very proactive in my studies as an artist and as a young adult living abroad.

Overall, I'm SO happy with my experience at Baker. I appreciate it very much.

Best wishes,

Jessica Wolfe