Baker Web Academy

BWA offers (at no cost to Oregon families) a full selection of online classes, online guided textbook-based classes, teacher support, technology, and face to face learning/support opportunities.  Our program is based on a philosophy that students need options and personalization in their education, and we are experts in setting up personalized education plans with students that will help them reach their goals with the support of a caring and dedicated staff.  Next question: Is the BWA program right for you?

The heart of success for Baker Web Academy is helping all students become motivated, INDEPENDENT learners in an environment of INNOVATION, individualized education, and personal INTERACTION.

Who is the "typical" BWA family?

Sometimes we try to describe ourselves in terms of the families we serve, and it's a delightfully diverse family picture. Here's what one of our Advisory Teachers had to say: "I visit with my 30 advisory students every two weeks. It's so hard to even describe a typical family, because as soon as I want to say that BWA has lots of big families with five kids, then I think about all my kids who are single children. I might say that lots of our families are religiously oriented, but that is absolutely not the case with my other families. Most of my families are--this is a common characteristic--the sort of people you'd want to get to know better. They aren't just going through the motions of being parents and families; they are intentional about the things they're choosing to do in life, and choosing to do school-at-home with Baker Web is part of that intentionality. These are good neighbors and community contributors--good people."

Is BWA right for your family?

Is BWA right for your family?  This is a very important question when considering our school! First let’s dispel a couple myths about online schooling: 

Myth #1:  Online schooling is easier. 

Our school actually requires that students complete 100% of the course before they earn credit.  We also ask our students to work anywhere from 4-6 hours a day on their courses.  All students must complete work by end-of-semester and keep up with progress schedules.  Given all that… this is not an EASY program, but we are able to modify a student’s curriculum based on his or her educational profile–student success is our goal.

Myth #2: I can do a semester’s work in just a couple of weeks.

Our students maintain regular progress with their classes and keep in close communication with the school in order to maintain their enrollment status.  We encourage students to work a little bit in each day, though we can afford students the flexibility they need to work when they have the time to work (some of our students are professional athletes and others have jobs or other situations that curtail their ability to have “normal” workdays).

Myth #3: I won’t get to see my friends

Students may finish their work early and join after-school sports, clubs, volunteer, or participate in other local activities.  During the school day you focus on your courses and in the afternoon/evening you can maintain a healthy social/activity-rich lifestyle.




Now let’s talk about the promise of online learning.  Here are some important points to consider:

  1. Life After BWA- Online schooling will prepare for post secondary education and careers. Many careers offer the ability to work from home or require computer skills to gain promotions. Computers are an important part of how we live (and how we learn) as a society. Your skills will give you a boost in these areas!

  2. Personalized Learning- Through online coursework we can create a customized blend of courses that meet your unique needs as a learner.

  3. Support– We offer a lot of support to our students! Every two weeks one of our teachers will meet with you, updating your progress logs and offering on-the-spot tutoring. In addition you will have access to online tutors and teachers to support your work.


  1. Self motivated- Working in an online setting in a K-12 environment or a post secondary requires a certain amount of discipline and motivation to be successful.

  2. Ability to Work Independently- Through our school, students will receive a lot of instructor-support through home visits, online tutors, and online teachers. However the reality is our program is home-based and you will often be working independently on your online classes. Students have to be able to work independently to be successful in this school.


Families who want to work and learn at home but still have the support of top-quality teachers!  We help you raise high-capacity kids.

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Would you like to learn more about our curricula?

We have chosen the very best in online and textbook programs, and we're always on the lookout for the new-and-improved. If anyone tries to tell us that a single curriculum is "the best fit" for every student, we know he's got something to sell.  We prefer the conversation!