Student Activities Reimbursement Program

We are accepting applications for the 19/20 Activity Funds!

Each students will have the option to apply for a $90 reimbursement for an activity per school year. These funds are first come, first served.

You spoke and we listened! Parents and students have been asking for more opportunities to have activities outside of the standard curriculum offerings.  Starting with the 2018-2019 BWA will offer a $90 stipend per each full time student once a year.  The goal of this program is to cover structured activities to supplement coursework by providing opportunities for team play, social interaction, and personal development.  BEC/BWC students are not eligible for this stipend as they are attending on campus courses and have access to activity courses to supplement their education.

  • Waiver Form- Waiver to receive funds

  • 19/20 Application- this is designed as a reimbursement program, your family makes the purchase and sends to our main office for reimbursement- 2725 7th St, Baker City, OR 97814.

  • Currently approved activities: sports fees, music lessons, theatre fees, gym fees, and zoo/museum memberships

*We are accepting applications for the 2019-2020 school year for use of funds


Baker Charter Schools are committed to providing a well rounded educational and social experience for our students.  We participated with other charter school leaders in the 2016-2017 to create a new law allowing all charter school students to participate in interscholastic activities at their resident district.  In 2017-2018 that law was expanded upon allowing all students K-12 access to interscholastic activities at their resident district (K-8 activities are ONLY before/after school).  There are several key details students should understand about this program.  Parents will be responsible for activity costs that are not part of the OSAA coverage.

  • Participation- Resident districts schools cannot deny students the ability to participate in interscholastic activities

  • Activities- Currently activities in grades 9-12 are limited to OSAA sponsored activities such as sports, band, and choir where the school participates in competitions with other OSAA schools. Grades K-8 may participate in before/after school programs that are available (middle school band/choir are NOT covered)

  • Eligibility- Students must meet eligibility requirements of their resident district and should be enrolled in a full time schedule 6/6 web academy classes and 12 college credits in Baker Web/Early College.

  • Fees- Baker Charter Schools will pay a fee to the district upon being invoiced so there is no charge to the families for participating. If there is a fee for all students to play/participate the families must cover that cost. Pay close attention to fees charged to be sure your student is not treated differently than resident students.

  • Notification Form- Please fill out this notification to BCS that you plan to participate in this program

NCAA Approval

In the 2017-2018 school year BEC was approved for NCAA transfer students.  Since all the classes are taken at the community colleges, students use those classes to be eligible to transfer to NCAA schools.  

BWA has been approved as of April 2019.! There are only certain courses that meet NCAA eligibility standards. Please work with your counselor to determine your own unique eligibility.  

  • Students can work in the following core education programs: Florida Virtual School, Odyssey Ware, and ALEKS.

  • Independent Study, Work Experience, CLEP, FLATS, Credit Recovery, and Credit by Proficiency courses may not count towards graduation for NCAA transfer students.

  • Rosetta Stone may not meet the 45 hour requirement. Many students finish with less than 45 hours per half credit. Students may complete additional assignment to comply with the minimum hour rule.

  • Students must work at least 45 hours in a course in order to receive credit for NCAA transfer.

  • Students will need to complete DBA (Discussion Based Assessments) in the FLVS courses.