Baker Web Academy SUMMER SCHOOL

2019 Summer School Application- Closed for summer 2019

Summer School is June 17th - July 12th, 2019

Please read through these important details (registration link is below):

  • The cost is $150 per student. Checks or money orders must be received by BAKER WEB ACADEMY, 2725 Seventh St, Baker, OR 97814 before students begin summer classes. We cannot accept debit cards or PayPal, unfortunately. Please make all checks/money orders payable to Baker Web Academy (NOT Baker Charter Schools).

  • Open to all 9-12 graders, including incoming freshman wishing to get ahead in high school credits.

  • Students from outside Baker Charter Schools are welcome to attend.

  • Teacher tutoring and office hours will be posted in the Summer School Canvas class, but online support will be available Monday through Friday.

  • No school computers will be available, so students must have access to a home computer and wifi.

  • Two classes (.5 credit each) are allowed for a total of 1.0 credit. All core classes are available, as well as Spanish, health, and two CTE technology courses.

  • No home visits, but daily online support will be available with weekly progress monitoring. Each summer school student will be assigned an Advisory Teacher.

  • Curriculum choices are Acellus, Aleks, Odyssey Ware or Rosetta Stone, with one written Canvas project per subject in Acellus classes. Health is only available via Odyssey Ware. Please choose your classes carefully.

  • SIGN UP FOR 2019 SUMMER SCHOOL - Registration Deadline is June 17th.


    Coordinator- Metta Ringer