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Our Admissions Team wants to help you select the right track for your child. A great place to start is by calling Kim Morris at 541-519-6499 or emailing kmorris@bakercharters.org for Web Academy related questions and Kimberly Linn at 541-519-9293 or emailing klinn@bakercharters.org for Early College related questions. Our Parent Support Liaison, Lynsey Martin can be reached at 541-519-6502 or lmartin@bakercharters.org


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Working from all over the Pacific Northwest, our teachers, tutors, mentors, and staff are working around the clock to administer and advocate for our students. Our teachers engage with the students through real-time online assistance as well as bi-monthly real-life engagement in our facilities or in your home. We are committed to seeing your student love their education and trust their educators. Our educators are truly living out their dreams and passion as they walk equally with every individual student.



Through years of experience, intensive testing and research, we are able to provide top-of-the-line curriculum, classes, and web platform student experience. We are experts in setting up personalized education plans to help each of our students successfully reach their unique goals.


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