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Parent First Name, Portland

“I have referred and will continue to refer people to Baker Web Academy. It is run beautifully, the administrators and teachers listen, each child can go at his or her own pace, and as a counselor, I see stress level in students go down when they are not attending a public school.”


Parent Testimonial 2! 

"The Early College Program has radically changed my son's life. He was so disconnected from his institution and learning was just not something he was excited about. But being able to attend college classes and connect to his future dreams of building video games is amping him up!" 


Parent Testimonial 3!

"This is a short, powerful testimonial about how impactful and meaningful that this parent's interaction and experience with BSC has been. Her child is excited about homework and social life equally, and she has so much belief in the powerful of integrated, imaginative learning."