Understanding The State Report Card

Starting with the 2017-2018 reporting year the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Federal Policy has shifted the report card calculations to count opt-out students as a ZERO rather than excluding them from the assessments. Baker Charter Schools generally has a higher percentage of families who opt-out and this had a tremendous impact on our cumulative scores over the last 3 years. Prior to this year students who opted-out did not count against the schools. Our administration team is working with other schools in the state to explore solutions to this while we continue to push the schools to be the best they can be. For our scores prior to this change you can visit the ODE archive page anytime. Current scores can be found on the new ODE report card site.

Participation in these assessments matters to our overall performance tremendously. Please consider all your options as a family for meeting the essential skill requirement. While families do have the ability to opt out, it does impact our overall performance dramatically.

BEC Scores Before/After ESSA Change

  • ELA Performance 17/18 BEFORE- 92.9%, 42% AFTER, decreased by 50.9%

  • Math Performance 17/18 BEFORE- 51%, 21% AFTER, decreased by 30%

  • 17/18 Participation- 47.1%

BWA Scores Before/After ESSA Change

  • ELA Performance 17/18 BEFORE- 52.7%, 44.8% AFTER- decreased by 7.9%

  • Math Performance 17/18 BEFORE- 23.9%, 20.5% AFTER- decreased by 3.4%

  • 17/18 Participation- 79.7%

SBAC Assessment

The State of Oregon uses the Smarter Balance Assessment Consortium (SBAC) test to have students in grades 3-8 and grade 11 demonstrate proficiency in the areas of reading, writing, and math.  The SBAC assessment focuses on critical thinking and performance tasks to demonstrate knowledge.

Students take 4 tests: one Computer Adaptive Test (CAT) in Mathematics and English Language Arts (covers reading, listening, researching and writing) as well as a Performance Test (PT) in Mathematics and English Language Arts.  Oregon Department of Education recommends allowing 2-3 hours to complete the Math Test and 4-5 to complete the English Language Arts test.

Preparing for Math Testing

Preparing for ELA Testing

Other Testing (Non SBAC subjects and tests)

Science Test-Prep

  • Test-prep session with J. Seretan
    (This recording includes 3 separate workshops. Each is approximately 1 hour.)
    For the 5th Grade Test Prep, please listen to minute 0 to minute 59:00.
    For the 8th Grade Test Prep, please listen to minute 59:00 to minute 2:05:30.
    For the HS Grade Test Prep, please listen to minute 2:58 to the end.


SAT Testing Information/Registration

ACT information

PSAT Information

We recommend all 10th grade students wanting to attend a 4 year university attempt the PSAT their 10th grade year in high school.  Students should inquire about registration for the PSAT at their local high school.

We recommend ALL students who plan on attending a 4 year university to take the SAT/ACT test in the fall/winter of their junior year of high school.  To take the test you sign up with the SAT/ACT programs and take at the closest testing facility.  You will need our CEEB numbers below to participate:

BWA CEEB- 380055
BEC CEEB- 380061

CLEP Testing

CLEP testing is a great way to boost college credits and gain a jump start on your future!  CLEP testing allows students who feel they have already mastered concepts to take a final exam to test out of college courses.  The courses are run by the College Board, the same organization that doe the SAT exam.