This is the second article in a series of interviews with Baker Charter Schools staff.  Many of the questions will be the same in each interview, but the answers will vary because of the many different personalities and teaching passions of our staff!

Dawn Tornquist, Summer 2018

Dawn Tornquist, Summer 2018

Hi, Dawn! Could you please share with our readers a little bit about yourself and about your job at BWA?

I was a lab teacher during the 2017-2018 school year along with a smaller AT caseload. I am excited to be a full-time AT [advisory teacher] next year. I can teach English, business courses, and electives.

Thank you! We all love our school, but what do you love that is outside our school? Family, hobbies, etc...

I love spending time with my family. We cook together and have family game nights.

What is your favorite thing to teach at BWA?

I like all of my classes. My favorite thing to teach is that it's okay to try new things.

What is your favorite field trip?

Ever or this school year?

How about both?

I enjoyed the Evergreen Museum trip and I always enjoy any trip to a pumpkin patch.

Can you share a student success story?

This year, one of my AT kiddos started the school year with 3.5 credits as a Senior. He now has 12.00 credits and can graduate next year .

What was the most memorable home visit that you have experienced?

Has to be the time that my Kindy student put black makeup on me with paintbrushes. She wanted me to have a makeover.

What is a challenge that you have had to overcome at Baker Web Academy?

It was my first year so there were many.

What does the growth mindset mean to you?

The ability to reflect on a situation and see if it's something you would change.

Thank you, Dawn, for taking the time to do this interview! Enjoy the rest of your summer vacation!