Champions keep playing until they get it right
— Billie Jean King

Willamette Valley


Monica was born and raised in Medford, Oregon. She completed her BA in Politics at Whitman College. After her undergrad, she worked in Colorado trying to put her politics degree to use. Upon returning to Oregon, Monica pursued her passion for kids and teaching with completing her Masters in Teaching and becoming a high school English teacher and tennis coach. In 2010, Monica headed back to school to earn a Masters in School Counseling from Lewis and Clark. She has been a school counselor at the high school level since 2012. Her passion for school counseling is derived from engaging with her students on a more personal level and assisting them with their immediate and future goals.
Monica likes to spend time hanging out with her three kids, encouraging them to hike most weekends. She also loves playing tennis and seeking out remote locations throughout the world.