Everything will be alright in the end. If it is not alright, it is not the end.

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Jennifer Seretan has been working in the education field for over 35 years in everything from intensive instruction for preschool children with developmental disabilities to teaching inter-age classes for a homeschool co-operative, from a fourth-grade class in the Kingdom of Tonga to adult education workshops throughout Oregon. She aims to make every topic relevant to the student, whether she is addressing individuals in their home or energetic large groups on field trips. She has been teaching in the hybrid virtual environment for the past eight years and loves the opportunity to work closely with students and families. 

Jennifer has a wide variety of interests especially in the outdoors where she canoes, bikes, hikes, camps, skis and rows. She also loves to garden, cook, knit, and play her flute. Whenever she can, she travels the world with her daughter and husband. Most of all, she loves teaching children about the world around them and sharing her love of learning.