“Ancora imparo” translated as “I am still learning.
— Michelangelo Buonarroti

Central Oregon

Early College Counselor

Paul works half time as a BWA teacher and half time as an Early College Counselor. After receiving an undergraduate degree in Prehistorical Anthropology with a minor in Philosophy from the University of Oregon, Paul worked as a carpenter for almost two decades to support his world travel habit. In 2012, Paul returned to school to earn a Master's of Education from the University of Oregon with an emphasis in English Literature. 

Paul grew up in Baker City and graduated from Baker High School. After college graduation, Paul visited more thirty countries and six continents, including two tours working as a carpenter at the McMurdo and South Pole Stations in Antarctica. Paul loves working for Baker Charter Schools and living in Bend with his wife, Jessica, and their dog, River. Central Oregon offers all things outdoors that they enjoy, especially kayaking and rafting rivers, camping, hiking, snowboarding, and fly fishing.