No one is you, and that is your power.
— Dave Grohl

Portland Metro


Anna Gilbert is a University of Oregon English major with a Masters in Teaching from Pacific University. She is a High School Language Arts and Music teacher living in Portland, Oregon. When Ms. Gilbert is not working with the amazing students and families at BWA, she is performing music professionally around the state of Oregon as a singer-songwriter. Before joining the staff at BWA, Gilbert resided in Nashville and worked as a recording artist and professional songwriter for publishing companies. After winning Nashville's coveted "Indie Heaven Inspirational Artist of the Year" award, she moved back to Oregon to pursue her love of teaching. Gilbert organized children's choirs, gave voice and piano lessons, and taught language arts a local high school in Eugene before joining the teaching team at BWA in Portland. Gilbert feels called to teaching and helping families, hoping to impart a passion for creativity and a love for learning to each and every one of her students.