BEC Ready?

Are you ready for the challenge?

The Baker Early College and Web College programs are rigorous programs that require students to rise to new levels in order to be successful.  Our goal is to make sure every student who tries our college programs experience success at their own level!  Not all high school students are ready to take college courses.

Students who are ready for the challenge:

____ Test into college level courses (suggested scores: reading 100, WR 121, and MTH 60)

____ Are intrinsically motivated to succeed

____ Are organized and balance their time well

____ Are self starters and able to manage their own schedule

____ Have post secondary aspirations

Students who are not quite ready for the challenge:

____ Test into lower than college level classes

____ Have struggled in high school courses

____ Need a lot of parent support to finish tasks

____ Have a tough time balancing priorities

____ Not sure of their post secondary aspirations

If you were able to answer 80% of the ready for the challenge questions you will find success in our programs.  Start your journey here.  Your success is important to us!

There are options through the Baker Web Academy to build skills, content knowledge, and readiness if you are not ready for the challenge yet.