Let there be light.

Southern Oregon

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Malcolm Brown was born at a very early age in a nameless state south of Oregon. (The hospital was subsequently torn down, the sidewalks rolled up and the town renamed.) After a K-12 cold war education, Junior College and then University studies, Malcolm migrated over the Siskiyou Summit to a short-lived stint as a subsistence farmer in Southern Oregon. This was soon followed by a call to the Fire Service, where he rose to Senior Shift Engineer and retired with full faculties still intact. In due course and after a short but gainful career as a "before" model for hair products, he spent many productive years writing riveting ad copy for a prominent Real Estate firm. Having home-schooled his daughter in conjunction with and cooperation of his dedicated wife, Malcolm advanced his educational expertise by becoming a teacher aiding other home school families and then moved to Baker Charter Schools where he continues to be dedicated to the service of families who value schooling at home and those students who will inherit the world.