Amy Mulvihill

Comparison is the thief of joy
— Theodore Roosevelt

Central Oregon


Amy Mulvihill is entering her ninth year of teaching and loves encouraging students to be curious, try their best, and care about others. She graduated from Taylor University in 2009 with a double major in Sociology and Social Studies Education. Before moving to Oregon, she taught at international schools in Russia, South Korea, and Saudi Arabia. Amy is currently pursuing a M.Ed in Educational Leadership through Concordia University. Outside of school, Amy enjoys spending time with family, traveling, and cooking.


Robert Williams

Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.
— Unknown

Central Oregon

College and Career Counselor

Rob Williams has been a school counselor since 2014. His primary work has been with elementary students in the Seattle area of Washington State. Rob's undergraduate degree is in psychology from the University of Oregon. He obtained a master's degree in School Counseling from Oregon State University. Rob enjoys helping students explore their talents and interests and is looking forward to being a resource for students in his new role as college and career counselor. Rob enjoys a good cup of coffee and being outdoors hiking and exploring new trails whenever possible. Rob currently lives in Bend. 


Sarah Hall

Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.

— Marie Curie, Physicist

Eastern Oregon

School Counselor

After teaching science for 10 years, Sarah followed her passion for helping students and families by becoming a school counselor. Sarah believes all students can achieve academic success, and is excited to support them through their journey with the Baker Web Academy.

Sarah completed research internships in Montana State University’s Biofilm Engineering  and Physics departments, presented at the Northwest Conference on Teaching for Social Justice, and earned technology and literacy grants.

Sarah has a M.A.T from Lewis and Clark College and B.S. in Biology from Pacific University. She lives in Eastern Oregon with her family.

Shauna Altman

Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.
— J. Barrie Bio

Eastern Oregon



Shauna Altman has been passionate about learning and technology for as long as she can remember.  She started teaching elementary students in Eugene, Oregon after graduating with a bachelor's degree in elementary education Northwest Christian University in 2003. Three years later, she moved to Pendleton, Oregon, where she worked as a literacy coach, a music teacher, and a reading support specialist before finding her way back into the second grade classroom again.  At every opportunity, Shauna learned more about personalizing education and about integrating technology into the classroom.  Her desire to teach with technology led her to earn her master of education degree from Lesley University in the spring of 2011, while continuing to teach for the Pendleton School District.  

After taking some time off to stay home with her young children, Shauna finally found her school "home" at Baker Web Academy.  She works part time from her home in Pendleton, traveling regularly to the Hermiston area for home visits with her advisory students.  She teaches language arts for both elementary and middle school students, and has launched the online spring piano recital, the elementary technology class, and the middle school science fair.  Shauna Altman loves being part of a school where she can personalize education, problem solve with families, and use technology enrich the lives of her students. She looks forward to continued learning and growth at Baker Web Academy.

Brooke Armstrong

Get rid of things or you’ll spend your whole life tidying up.
— Marguerite Duras

Southern Oregon


An English Language Arts teacher for the last 18 years, Brooke has taught in a variety of environments. From a traditional high school, to helping open a middle school, a technology high school, and now in the online world, she enjoys working with students and families to learn new things and create success. She moved to Oregon in 2006 and loves it here.

Stormy Ballenger

Today for Show and Tell, I’ve brought a tiny marvel of nature: a single snowflake. I think we might all learn a lesson from how this utterly unique and exquisite crystal turns into an ordinary, boring molecule of water, just like every other one, when you bring it in the classroom. And now, while the analogy sinks in, I’ll be leaving you drips and going outside.
— Calvin, from Calvin & Hobbes comic

Southern Oregon

Early College Advisor

Stormy is an adaptable and empathetic counselor/teacher who loves to inspire students to engage their strengths and passions. She loves integrating the natural world into her work whenever possible. Stormy is resourceful and creative, and she takes special pride in the meaningful relationships that are built with students and families. 

Lael Bingham

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Portland Metro


Mrs. Bingham went to school at Oregon State University to become a secondary math teacher. In 2007, she graduated with a Masters Degree in Mathematics Education, and she has been happily teaching math to high school and middle school students since that year. Currently, she teaches Geometry for the Web Academy and Early College.

Tish Bloomer

Your attitude determines your direction

Eastern Oregon

Special Education


Tish has been teaching special education for 16 years, including 14 years at the high school level, and 2 at the elementary level.  

She values bringing a team of people together to work collaboratively on meeting student's needs. Always with an eye on the future, she developes innovative ways to provide services and build independence and confidence in her students. Also holding an endorsement in physical education, Tish believes in helping students to become healthy, life-long learners and happy, productive members of our communities. 

Malcolm Brown

Let there be light.

Southern Oregon


Malcolm Brown was born at a very early age in a nameless state south of Oregon. (The hospital was subsequently torn down, the sidewalks rolled up and the town renamed.) After a K-12 cold war education, Junior College and then University studies, Malcolm migrated over the Siskiyou Summit to a short-lived stint as a subsistence farmer in Southern Oregon. This was soon followed by a call to the Fire Service, where he rose to Senior Shift Engineer and retired with full faculties still intact. In due course and after a short but gainful career as a "before" model for hair products, he spent many productive years writing riveting ad copy for a prominent Real Estate firm. Having home-schooled his daughter in conjunction with and cooperation of his dedicated wife, Malcolm advanced his educational expertise by becoming a teacher aiding other home school families and then moved to Baker Charter Schools where he continues to be dedicated to the service of families who value schooling at home and those students who will inherit the world.


Cheri Bullock

Willamette Valley


Bachelor of Science in Zoology - Oregon State University Master of Science in Animal Science with a minor in Molecular Biology - Oregon State University Thesis work - Maternal Diet and Essential Fatty Acid Metabolism in Progeny Chickens - Oregon State University Master of Arts in Teaching - Willamette University Teaching experience in AP Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, Biology, and Accelerated Biology. Hobbies; Horseback riding, baking, canoeing with the world's best dog, Bolt.

Casey Carstensen

Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.

Portland Metro


Mr. Carstensen has been engaging with students of many backgrounds in various and diverse academic settings for many years, from students of minimal resources and support to students of high performing environments.  He is a mindful communicator and advocate for children's rights, health and education.  Fundamentally believes that it takes a village to raise a child--actively supportive parents, caring patient teachers and positive role model adult figures.  His approach to teaching mathematics is one that emphasis the life skills of overcoming struggle, persevering, embracing diversity, and accomplishing the seemingly impossible. 

Ashley Chandler

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.
— William Butler Yeats

Willamette Valley



Ashley Chandler has always loved teaching and helping others take charge of their learning, so she knew what path she wanted to take for college. She graduated high school in Springfield, Oregon, and obtained her bachelor of arts in Spanish at the University of Oregon. She continued her education at Warner Pacific College, studying Music Education and then went to George Fox University to get her Master of Arts in Teaching, with endorsements in Math, Science, Spanish and Music. She has now been teaching for almost seven years and is excited to continue learning and building relationships with students.

Jodi Coleman

Favorite Quote: You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.
— Wayne Gretzky

Willamette Valley


Jodi has been drawn to teaching her whole life. Her formal career began with teaching swimming lessons when she was 13. Before getting her formal teaching certificate, Jodi taught native children swimming in rural Alaska, she traveled the world for fun, she taught 5th and 6th graders at outdoor schools in California and Oregon, and she even got PAID to travel throughout the US and Canada taking foreigners on camping trips. Jodi’s first formal public school teaching job was in a tiny village called Supai in the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Nothing will ever compare to her 8-mile hiking commute to get to the village! In total, Jodi spent 10 years teaching 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades in Arizona, Washington, and Oregon. After getting married and having her own children, Jodi moved out of the classroom and dabbled in parenting education and early childhood education for several community colleges, where she thoroughly enjoyed working with the whole family, often in the home environment. At Baker Web Academy Jodi LOVES the variety in her home visit caseload and is regularly inspired by her students, their families, and her incredible colleagues. What other job allows a teacher to spend one hour working with teaching a kindergartener their letters, and the very next hour teaching the Pythagorean Theorem to a 10th grader? Jodi currently lives in a cohousing community in Corvallis with her husband, her two daughters, and her very cute dog.


Dr. Dave Courtney

When a good leaders work is done all the people say, “He did it!. When a great leaders work is done all the people say, “We did it!

Southern Oregon

Vice Principal

Dr. Courtney has worked in education for 31 years. Fifteen of those years have been as Superintendent serving schools in Oregon. He believes that a quality education teaches students skills for their post-high school lives such as communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking. 

Care'e DeMoss

If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn
— Ignacio Estrada

Willamette Valley


Care'e DeMoss graduated from the University of Oregon with a double major in Spanish and Psychology in 2002. She continued on with her education and earned a Master's of Education degree from Pacific University. She most recently finished her Administrator's Program from Concordia University in 2015 and hopes to become an administrator in the near future. Care'e has taught in many different settings from a private/Catholic high school where she herself graduated from, to also teaching in alternative ed as well as online. She feels like Baker Web Academy is her home, and really appreciates working with such supportive staff members. Care'e was recently married and has really been enjoying newlywed life with her husband Dustin!

Jacob Denbrook

Never argue with a fool; onlookers may not be able to tell the difference
— Mark Twain

Portland Metro


Jacob Denbrook spent time teaching in Japan, Oregon, and Wyoming, and has been an educator for about 8 total years.  You'll see him out hiking, snowboarding, shooting landscape photography, playing basketball, playing several instruments, and coaching.  I like to think a "vacation" is composed of a 12 mile hike into alpine territory with 3,500 feet of elevation gain, and I like to drag my wife and children along on these endeavors. I truly believe in the that life's pleasures are better earned when accompanied by some pain.  My wife is Jill, and my children are Henry (5) and Evelyn (2.5).  

Jill Denbrook

You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.
— Dr. Seuss

Portland Metro


Jill Denbrook has taught children all over the world, including Germany and Japan. Stateside, she has taught fourth grade, fifth grade, and kindergarten, and spent four years helping struggling students learn to read. Jill lives near Portland, with her husband and two small children, where they adventure outdoors any chance they get.

Randell Embertson

Favorite Quote: If your actions inspire others to dream, learn more, do more, and become more you are a leader.  
— John Quincy Adams

Southern Oregon


Randell has a Master's in Education from Oregon State University and experience teaching in grades K-10. He has lived on multiple continents learning and experiencing European, Middle Eastern and South American cultures and languages. Prior to teaching, Randell was a construction project manager overseeing the building of homes and subdivisions. He is married to an amazing wife, Kaaren of 15 years. He appreciates and enjoys a good adventure, cooking, learning about history, reading a good book, listening to classical music, playing chess and having fun in the great outdoors.

Dr. Shawn Farrens

A life is not important except in the impact that it has on other lives.
— Jackie Robinson

Portland Metro

Vice Principal/HR and PD Administrator: East Portland


Dr. Farrens serves as Vice Principal for the East Portland Area.  His previous administrative experience, prior to coming to Baker Charter Schools, includes serving as the Superintendent of another virtual school in Oregon.  Before he became an administrator he was a Resource Room teacher at the K-8 level for 9 years in the Portland area and taught 4th-8th grade in a two-room schoolhouse in a very remote part of Southeastern Oregon for a year.  

He earned a B.A. from Hope International University, a M.A.T. from Concordia University, his special education endorsement as well as his administrative license from the University of Portland, and earned his Doctorate degree from Walden University.  His dissertation research focused on determining the various roles virtual secondary teachers fill as well as what training is needed for incoming virtual secondary teachers to be successful teachers in the virtual environment.

Prior to his career in education he joined the U.S. Army and served as an infantryman for 4 years (99-03).

Currently, he lives on 2.5 acres in rural Multnomah county with his wife and 4 year old son.  They have a dog, 8 chickens, a large garden, grape vines, blueberries, raspberries, and several apple trees, all of which keeps them very busy.  Beyond working on their small farm, they love to travel and play strategic board games.

Ryan Gates

Do or do not, there is no try.
— Yoda

Portland Metro

Tech Director

Ryan joined Baker Web Academy as a science teacher but quickly transitioned to Technology Director as the school continued to grow. Not only does Ryan love Science and Technology but he loves to play, coach and watch soccer. He currently coaches High School Soccer and is an avid Timbers Fan, travelling around the country to see them play. 

Ryan received his Bachelors from Utah Valley University in Biology Education. He then received his Masters through an online program from Oregon State University.