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Spring 2015 Student Spotlight

Introducing Class of 2015 Baker Early College student…Claren Walker!!!

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My name is Claren Walker, and I’m a senior at Baker Early College. I have always been passionate about anything involving art, so I’m currently enjoying my time volunteering at the Independent Publishing Resource Center in SE Portland, and working at an art studio close to my house (not to mention the borderline ridiculous amount of time I spend at the Portland Art Museum). I’m especially interested in the intersection between aesthetics and psychology — my dream job is art director at Wieden + Kennedy. Right now I’m working on a much smaller (but still fun) scale; I recently designed the logo for a local coffee shop, Middle Grounds.

Dance is another medium that has always captivated me. I’m currently a member of the contemporary dance company at Portland Community College, although I was first trained in classical ballet. My love of dance goes hand in with my passion for acting and I’m excited to be a part of a production of the play Almost, Maine this June.

What I’ve learned as an actor and improviser has served me well in my role as an expert witness in Mock Trial, a tough competition that simulates an actual trial/case, where the attorneys and witnesses are all high school students. This year, my team won at the regional and state competition (held at the federal courthouse downtown), and we will have the honor of representing Oregon in the national competition in North Carolina this May! I feel especially honored to have been given the Most Valuable Player award in our final round at the state competition.

Not every teenager gets to have a say in their education, and I’m so thankful to Baker Early College for giving me the opportunity to get my high school degree through college level courses. My experience at Portland Community College has been invaluable. In the fall I will be attending the University of Oregon as a Presidential Scholar, prepared and excited for the next step on my educational path.

Spring 2015 Alumni Spotlight

Introducing Class of 2014 Baker Early College Graduate…Katelyn Willis!!!

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Katelyn currently attends the Honors College at Oregon State University and is studying Electrical and Computer Engineering. She choose this major because engineering allows her to pair her creativity with her math and science ability. As an engineer, she will have the power to make a real difference in the world. Thanks to Baker Early College, Katelyn was able to complete her Associates Degree before going to OSU, and she is thrilled to be applying for the engineering Pro-School this spring for next fall. This will allow her to start taking classes specific to her interests. She is working hard to stay on track so she will be able to graduate after another two years.

Katelyn hopes to find a job working for Intel after she graduates. Her long-term goal is to be responsible for a major project, something that has the possibility of making a big difference in our society. She hopes that her values and her work ethic precede her in the workplace. When she reaches her goal, she wants it to be because she has worked hard and earned her position as well as the respect of her peers.

She is excited to currently be an active member of Phi Sigma Rho, a sorority for women in engineering. Katelyn never planned on rushing for a sorority, but when she found out about Phi Sigma Rho, all of that changed. She now has huge support system through her sisters, and is loving all of the opportunities and experiences she’s having. Although she was on a competition dance company while in high school, Katelyn has not had time to continue dancing, and instead enjoys going to the gym. Katelyn also loves creative writing, and has been published both by her schools and on a national level. She took a colloquia class for her honors degree Winter term called “Sing a Song of Science,” that allowed her to let out some of her creativity in song lyrics. Between taking new and interesting classes, spending time with her sorority sisters, and meeting new people, Katelyn is absolutely loving college life at OSU. 

Spring 2015 Program Spotlight

clarkhonors  osuhonors_logo

Many Baker Early College graduates are searching for four-year college opportunities that will maximize their savings received as an early college student, continue to challenge them academically and allow them to remain local or close to home. Two program options to consider include the Roberto D. Clark Honors College at the University of Oregon and the Oregon State University Honors College. Each of these programs offers excellent opportunities for students to engage in a small group learning environment, experience hands-on learning as well as make valuable connections with professionals in the community. Take some time to investigate these program opportunities and see if you would like to add them to your post-high school college list!!!

Winter 2015 Student Spotlight

Introducing Class of 2015 Baker Early College student…Ryly Barber!!!

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My name is Ryly Barber, and I’m 17 years old. For as long as I can remember, animals have been my passion. I have two of my own dogs, a border collie and a papillion/toy poodle mix, that I love. Through my cousins, I found a love for pigs and became involved in the Deschutes County 4-H swine program. For the last three years, I have raised and shown my own pigs at the county fair, and am currently the president of my 4-H group. Being involved with 4-H, has provided me with many opportunities to make my community a better place, as an individual and as a team. Photography, gymnastics, reading, and yoga are other things I enjoy.

I live in Redmond, Oregon and have been attending Central Oregon Community College through Baker Early College, going on three years now. Baker Early College has given me the opportunity to challenge myself. Through Baker, I have been able to branch out by taking different classes and discovering hidden interests. I will graduate this Spring with my high school diploma from Baker Early College and my Associates of Arts Oregon Transfer Degree from Central Oregon Community College. Fall 2015, I hope to transfer into the Animal Science program at Oregon State University.

Baker has been such a blessing in my life. I am thankful every day for the opportunities it has given me. I would not be where I am, or who I am today without Baker Early College. A special thank you to Suzanne Moore for guiding me through to a successful finish with Baker.

Winter 2015 Alumni Spotlight

Introducing Class of 2014 Baker Web Academy (web college) Graduates…Josiah and David Norris!!!

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My name is Josiah Norris. I am a volunteer at the Cannon Beach Fire Department. I have been on the department for over a year, responding to emergencies ranging from vehicle accidents to strokes. Approximately seventy percent of the emergencies are medically related (e.g. heart attack, traumatic injuries, difficulty breathing, etc.). During the process of getting my Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer (AAOT) degree, I became an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). I am constantly using this training when treating patients. For the longest time, I wanted to become an engineer. However, multiple circumstances, including experiences at the fire department, changed this focus to the medical field. I am now attending nursing school at Clatsop Community College. Someday I would like to get my doctorate in nursing (Nurse Practitioner), but I have not completely decided. If God wills, I would also like to become a missionary serving Him in some part of the world.

Having graduated from Baker Web Academy with my high school diploma, I received my AAOT degree from Chemeketa Community College. Baker Web Academy was an amazing blessing. It allowed me to graduate from high school, while getting a head start in my future career. The faculty at Baker is fabulous! Throughout the program, I was well directed and counseled. I highly recommend Baker Web Academy.

Personally, I thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for helping me through school.

Capstone pic

Hi everyone, my name is David Norris; I just turned 21. I graduated from Baker Web Academy in a 2014 with my high school diploma and my AAOT. I got a little bit of a late start at Baker since I grew up in Mexico, and the field of study I was interested in did not accept my homeschool high school diploma. Baker Web Academy was a wonderful way for me to attain my high school diploma while at the same time work toward my AAOT, and help me make up for lost time.

Almost five years ago, my family and I moved from the middle of Mexico (where my dad worked) to Cannon Beach, OR; this was quite a change! Shortly after arriving in the US, at the age of seventeen, I began volunteering with the Cannon Beach Fire Department. Working at the department helped me see my desire for a career in a field that involved emergency medicine. In September of 2014, I began my first quarter at OHSU/OIT’s Paramedic Program, and God-willing, I will graduate in September of 2015. My future goals are to work in emergency medicine, raise a family, and work as a missionary.

Winter 2015 Program Spotlight

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Fall 2014 Student Spotlight

Introducing Class of 2016 Baker Early/Web College Student…Eva Batenhorst!

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My name is Eva Batenhorst and I am 16 years old. I live in Eugene, Oregon with my parents and five siblings. My family is one that likes to do things together; one of my favorite family activities is going camping and hiking. My family and I have hiked and camped at many beautiful places in Oregon including several of the Cascade Mountains such as South Sister, Diamond Peak, and Mt. Saint Helens.

I also love dancing, and for 13 years focusing on ballet with some training in modern and contemporary dance. This year dance has taken me to New York and this fall on the road to tour with the Eugene Ballet Company. I am also involved in a new program at my ballet school. It is called the Pre-Professional Program and those who are invited to participate will be able to take class in the mornings with the Eugene Ballet Company. In a couple of weeks I will be a party guest in the company production of Cinderella and Fritz in their Nutcracker tour

Currently, I am starting my second year at Lane Community College and enjoying it so far. Baker’s Early College has been amazing and supportive as I juggle my crazy ballet schedule. At this moment I am planning on double majoring. I aspire to be a Physician’s Assistant and also get a Bachelor’s of Arts in dance. My ideal university is one like University of Utah because it has a very strong Physician’s Assistant program and one of the best dance programs in America. I may also get a minor in Spanish but haven’t fully committed to that yet. This next summer I am hoping to go on a missionary trip to Peru. My brother Simon and cousin Becca went a couple of summers ago and I hope to follow in their footsteps. I am very eager to go because I have always wanted to go on some sort of missionary trip. If I don’t end up going this summer, my plan is to go on a longer missions trip, hopefully in the medical field, after I graduate from a university. My inspiration for this is my sister who is in Uganda for the year. Our inspiration as a family is our relationship with the Lord and doing all things for His good.

Fall 2014 Alumni Spotlight

Introducing Class of 2014 Baker Early College graduate…Daniel Odegaard!!!


My name is Daniel Odegaard, and I am a filmmaker. Well, I’m an aspiring filmmaker. Thanks to the help of Baker Early College, I completed my AAOT degree just after I turned nineteen. Having had the opportunity to study media arts and filmmaking at Lane Community College, I was able to get a head start on life, and to realize my passion for movie making.

Now that I’ve graduated, I’m spending this next year working on my portfolio and preparing for the future. I’m exploring several options for a four-year degree, and I know that I want to major in something related to marketing.

I am truly grateful for the opportunities that have been made available to me through Baker Early College. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all education; everyone has to find their own fit. I’m glad that I found mine with Baker.

Here are some links to work that I am proud of:

Capstone video –

Camp Agape video –

Rotary video –


Fall 2014 Program Spotlight

 rotary youth exchange

Having lived and taught overseas for 10 years, I understand the impact that living overseas can have on one’s growth and intellect. This week, I received information regarding the Rotary Youth Exchange and wanted to encourage any and all of you interested, to complete the application.

This opportunity is open to all high school students residing in Oregon. You can choose a long-term exchange (1 school year) or a short-term exchange in the month of July.

In order to qualify, students must not be older than 18.5 by August 2015. Also, student must have good grades and demonstrate good citizenship. If you would like more information, I would encourage you to check out this link:

Applications are due October 17th.

Suzanne Moore

Early College/Web College Advisor

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