Reasons NOT to …

We love working for Baker Charter Schools, but here are (for fun) 5 Reasons why NOT to join our staff.  (Written by staff members!)

1. You don’t like kids.

This is a problem, because we really do.  Kids in grades kindergarten through high school enjoy their interactions with BCS staff, because they can tell we like them.

2. You don’t like computers.

It’s not that we are all computer ninjas (we’re really not), but neither are we scared of having to figure things out when the need arises.  We design and facilitate online classrooms, and we work digitally lots of the time.

3. You don’t like to work in a professional team.

We get it, that part of the draw of teaching online might be because you prefer isolation. But forget about it. We are all-the-time using back-channel communications to work among ourselves to solve problems and help students be successful in this class or that.

4. Driving is a problem.

While lots of our time is spent communicating via screens of various sizes (the school provides staff with laptop, phone, tablet, etc), the other half of our time is spent driving to make face-to-face contact with our students twice a month.  Usually this means driving out to their homes, and other times we meet at a local coffee shop or library.

5. We couldn’t think of a 5th.

It sounded so great to come up with five reasons not to join our team, but we racked our brains and could only come up with four.  The fact is, we LOVE teaching at Baker Charters and we believe that the systems and processes that we’re developing are 1) good for kids and 2) the future of education.  It’s a great team to work with, and none of us would give up what we have here to go back to a traditional classroom.  We’re constantly growing (that happens, when you’re doing something good) and always looking for candidates to come alongside and help us develop better and stronger.



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