Comments About BCS

  • “I have referred and will continue to refer people to Baker Web Academy. It is run beautifully, the administrators and teachers listen, each child can go at his or her own pace, and as a counselor, I see stress level in students go down when they are not attending a public school.”- BWA Parent
  • “I would, and already have, highly recommended this school to multiple friends for multiple reasons. First, because the teachers care so much about what they are doing and are committed to our children’s education and support. Secondly, because we have the flexibility of our own homeschooling schedule, but also the accountability of the teacher’s and deadlines so we don’t fall behind. And lastly, because I believe they are providing our children with an excellent education. Far better, I believe, than what they could ever receive in a larger class setting.”- BWA Parent
  • “They are providing me with the opportunity to move ahead of most of my peers and get moving towards my life goals sooner.”- BEC Student
  • “I would say that BWA is a wonderful fit for some kids, and not for others. I think the fit depends upon the student and the family situation. A motivated student can excel in this environment and it provides encouragement to continue excelling in interest areas. One thing that I’ve noticed is that my student’s motivation and self-discipline has actually increased as they have learned that they are responsible for their own learning and organization.”- BWA Parent
  • “I think Baker Early College does a great job of being organized and making sure the students know when things need to be done. I never feel stressed when I talk to my adviser and she makes things easy to understand.”- BEC Student
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