What does the “B” mean?

The “B” in Our Story

Our team wanted to create this page to begin to provide some background into our recent rebranding efforts.  When a business or institution considers what the branding or image of the company will be, they carefully consider what images will tell their story.  Since we began Baker Charter Schools in 2009 we have been through a couple versions and feel we have finally settled on a logo system that can represent our schools for a long time!

Our First Logo

The first logo for Baker Web Academy was designed by one of the founding members of Baker Charter Schools, Nathan Williams.  His original vision paid tribute to the Elk Horn and Eagle Cap mountains which surround our sponsor district in Baker City, OR.  Also with the children using a laptop and books to study.  The design was elegant and simple to get us started!

Rebranding in 2012

Our first professionally guided rebranding came with our first rebuild of our website from our original simple Go Daddy webpage.  The team at East Bank Communications guided us through a complete rebranding process.  Our final outcome was a laptop with a school on the screen to capture our use of both online and brick and mortar programs.

Rebranding in 2015

In this rebranding effort we worked with a local PSU graduate student who is completing his graphic design degree.  He was able to truly capture our story in a clean and visually pleasing design.  We focused on adding in key phrases for each school.  Green was chosen as the theme color for Baker Web Academy and orange the color for Baker Early College.  Throughout our graphics the colors of green, orange, black and white interplay to capture the different programs.  The wireless signal in the “B” captures our desire to “connect” students to their lives beyond high school with innovative and challenging curriculum while emphasizing our use of online technologies to support students.

Why “Baker” when you serve the entire State of Oregon?

Over the years we have been asked why we kept “Baker” in our name as we grew well beyond the scope and location of Baker City, OR.  There are a few very important reasons.  First of all without the support of Baker School District in Baker City, our schools would not exist.  Oregon law requires all Charter Schools to have a District or State Level sponsor.  Our link to our sponsor district is one we respect and honor.  Also we believe the name Baker City stands for “pioneering.”  Baker City was a major stopping point along the Oregon Trail in the early 19th century.  We believe our work with online technology, early college options, and charter schools makes us educational pioneers.  As an organization we are proud of our connection to Baker City, Oregon, and will honor that now and into the future!


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