Baker Early College

Our high school students attend local community college campuses full time and earn college credits that can be applied toward their high school graduation requirements. We offer support, guidance services, tuition, books and dual enrollment to high school students in the state of Oregon.

Baker Early College pays ALL college tuition and fees for 12 credits per term. Students must enroll in at least 11 credits and may choose to take more credits beyond the 12 that are covered by BEC. We also provide $200 toward the purchase of your textbooks each term (additional assistance for books may be available, based on family income).

Students should have sufficient credits from accredited institutions to be on track to graduate with their class OR be able to demonstrate readiness to be successful at the college level.

For more information regarding the Baker Early College program and policies, refer to the Student Handbook and ask our helpful staff any questions you might have!

Baker Web College is a program that operates within Baker Web Academy that functions in nearly every respect like the Baker Early College, but the college classes students take are online. This program is challenging for many students, and we enroll student in BWC by special arrangement.

    "This program has been absolutely amazing for us. High school wasn't overly difficult for Ezra, but he felt like he was just 'killing time' before he could go on to the rest of his education and get on with life.  

    Then when he went into BEC, he was able to get a great head-start on his college studies. By the time he graduates from high school with a BEC diploma, he'll have enough credits to enter college as a sophomore and go right into his major-area studies. It's perfect for him."